Our Meat

- Our Meats -

Our beef is hung for a minimum of two weeks to allow the meat to mature and maximise the eating quality.

We have built up a wealth of experience in providing the finest quality eating experience of our meat from using our most local abattoir in Norwich to minimise travel time and stress for our animals, to hanging each meat for its optimum time to ensure its tenderness and flavour.

We keep up to date with all the latest trends in cuts of meat to offer a truly bespoke service enabling you to come to us for either traditional or modern butchery but guaranteeing top quality at all time.

Any meat which we don’t produce on our farm such as poultry we make sure we source as locally as possible to our own high standards. Our Christmas turkeys are from a neighbouring farm, all free range and grown to the Golden Promise standard.

We know that having full control of the diet and welfare of our animals makes a huge difference to quality of the meat. This added to skilful trimming and cutting in the shop means it is some of the best you will find!

Whether you are a catering or retail customer we can supply you with total confidence in our products.