The Farm

Being a small family run business, we get to know our animals, some by name, some by number, each and every one is important to us.

Our grazing animals are fed on local herb-rich pasture within a ten mile radius of the farm, with the majority entered into environmental stewardship schemes. This means that minimal pesticides and artificial fertilizers are applied to the land and the habitat is nurtured to encourage wildlife diversity.

During the winter months the cattle are housed, feeding on hay and fodder beet grown on the farmland supplemented by a cereal ration using local grain. The sheep are out throughout the winter on stubble turnips before lambing outside in April and returning to pasture on lush spring grass. All of this leads to a fully traceable system.

All our calves roam free with their mothers until around eight months of age when they are weaned and fed on a diet of hay, rolled barley and fodder beet.

The lambs stay with their mothers for several months before being weaned wither onto turnips or onto grass supplemented with our home grown feeds.

Both our livestock and arable farm are run in accordance with the EFSIS Farm Assurance Standards which means we undergo routine inspections from an independent body to ensure the industry standards are maintained and exceeded.