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Here you can order for collection from our shop, at one of the farmers markets we attend or for delivery (free for local areas). Please see the contact page for these details.

Once you have ordered we will contact regarding your order and to arrange payment.

Please note that your virtual bill is only an approximation as your order will be cut by hand and weighed at time of packing. Therefore the exact price may vary slightly depending on the final weights but we aim to be as close as possible and will advise you of the exact price before taking payment.

All our meat is packed fresh and is therefore suitable for freezing. We will pack the majority of items in freezable food bags. Tray wrap and vacuum packs are also available on request.

Step by Step Guide

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  2. 2. Choose your cuts of meat/products and add them to your basket
    • • The majority of our products are per kg, some are per pack or per item
    • • Please see the table below to help you with size guidance on weights, portions and ideas for our most popular roasting joint
    • • When you get to the checkout there is a comments box where you can add any specific requirements, packaging or details about your order
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Weight & Portion Guide

kg lb
0.5 1lb 1oz
1 2lb 2oz
1.5 3lb 3oz
2 4lb 4oz
2.5 5lb 5oz
3 6lb 6oz
3.5 7lb 7oz
4 8lb 8oz
4.5 9lb 9oz
5 11lb
Off bone On bone
2 people 0.5kg 1kg
4 people 1kg 2kg
6 people 1.5kg 3kg
8 people 2kg 4kg
10 people 2.5kg 5kg

We suggest when ordering that you allow 250g of raw meat weight per person/portion for meat off the bone and 500g per person/portion for meat on the bone.

6 sausages weigh approximately 0.5 kg.

If you need any further advice please feel free to contact us.

Ideas to inspire

Topside of beef is one of our most popular beef roasting joints (approx 250 g per person/portion).

A whole leg of lamb on the bone would be a great roasting joint for about 8 people (approx. 4 kg).

A whole boneless loin of pork is suitable for about 6 people (approx. 2kg).

A whole boneless shoulder of lamb for roasting will feed about 6 people (approx.  1.5 kg) and a whole shoulder of pork boned and rolled will feed about 8 people (approx 4 kg).

A single bone rib of beef would be a great for special occasions for about 3 people (approx 1.5 kg).

Sirloin of beef is a great joint of meat to roast for large numbers of people (approx 250 g per person/portion).