A list of cuts is shown below but we are fully trained to the EBLEX cutting schedules to be able to provide a bespoke service for individual and less well known cuts of meat.

Mince and Stewing

Braising Slices
From the Shoulder Muscle, very lean and ideal for portion control steaks
£10.00 /kg
Diced Beef
Over 95% visual lean hand trimmed cubes of Farm Assured Beef
£10.00 /kg
Lean Minced Beef
90% visual lean farm assured beef
£8.50 /kg
Shin Beef (Sliced)
Flavoursome Forequarter cut making the best gravy you will find
£9.00 /kg
Skirt Beef
Classic cut for slow cooking, can also be marinate and grilled
£10.00 /kg

Roasting Joints

Hand prepared and tied in the size you require.

Beef Brisket
Slow Roasting Cut with extra flavour
£9.00 /kg
Beef Short Ribs
Top end rib bones ideal for slow roasting, slightly more fat but fantastic flavour
£8.00 /kg
Corner Cut of Rump, "Admirals Hat"
Very tender prime roasting joint from the point end of the rump.
£13.90 /kg
Cured Silverside of Beef
Silverside joint cured in brine ready to boil.
£12.00 /kg
Rib Beef on Bone
Prime cut, marbled and tender
£18.50 /kg
Lean and tender mature beef hand tied and fatted in rolls
£11.60 /kg
Larder trimmed and left flat for roasting (Sirloin on the bone available on request)
£30.00 /kg
Top Rump
Lean and tender mature beef hand tied and fatted in rolls
£12.50 /kg
Lean and tender mature beef hand tied and fatted in rolls
£12.00 /kg


Larder trimmed dry aged Farm Assured beef cut to your nominated portion size and individually vacuum packed. Steaks are cut approximately as 250g portions if you wish for the meat as a whole piece or different weight steaks please add this in your comment box at the checkout

Beef Stir-fry Strips
Lean strips of tender steak ideal for quick frying or stir-fry.
£15.00 /kg
Fillet Steak
Extra lean and tender steak, prized cut
£42.00 /kg
Frying Steak
Ideal for flash frying
£13.50 /kg
Peppered Steak
Thin slices of top rump coated in a spicy pepper crust. Allergen advice: contains gluten (wheat), celery
£13.50 /kg
Rib Eye Steak
Well marbled and juicy steak ideal for char-grilling and barbeque
£23.50 /kg
Rump Steak
Tender and Lean cut of beef cut to your requirements
£18.50 /kg
Sirloin Steak
Prime cut from the Loin, larder trimmed to your specification
£30.00 /kg


Calves Liver
£8.00 /kg
Cured Ox Tongue
£5.00 each
Ox Kidney
£5.50 /kg
£6.50 each